Surviv io is a 2D fun multiplayer online competitive game.  You will parachute from the plane with other players to play this game. You need to control your character to collect materials in a randomly formed map, then fight other enemies and keep yourself alive for a longer time.

Surviv io’s gameplay

In survival, move on the map through w, a, s, d;  When meeting the enemy, shoot with the left mouse button.  Click with the left mouse button using medical items;  Right-click if delivery is required;  V to switch to a small map.

Surviv io’s game content

You will compete with many people, and the main task is to survive to the end.  When the parachute lands, you need to look for materials, weapons, and medical supplies, to ensure that the enemy will not kill you.  During this period, a poison circle will be painting on the map, so you need to flee to a safe place. Blood will drop in the poison circle until you die.

Surviv io’s game features

Surviv io is rich in materials and weapons. You can choose your favorite weapons to fight.Ā  Killing your opponent can also harvest your opponent’s supplies.